We’ve已经在这辆车的燃油系统上做了很多介绍,这一集应该涵盖最后一部分。’ve already covered the main tank, the surge tank, soft lines, flex fuel sensors, fuel rail and injectors and this episode is going to cover the 硬 lines that I decided to run from the back to the front.

从长远来看,我尚未决定这是一个好主意还是一个坏主意。显然这里只有两种选择。要么我使用与我相同的编织线’我用在汽车的其余部分,或者我用了“hard”铝线。我决定不使用编织线,因为在某些情况下燃油蒸气可能会渗入软橡胶内胆,因此可能存在一些问题,而我没有’不想冒险在机舱内闻到燃油味。我不太可能成为问题,但我没有’t want to take the risk so I decided to go with a 硬 line instead.   That decision saw much swearing, sweating, even a little crying, 但 we did get there 🙂


照片使线条看起来像它们’re touching each other and other rubber pipes, 但 in fact they clear quite well.    I tried to run fuel coming from the main tank down one side of the tunnel and fuel going back down the other side of the tunnel.


LVVTA(小汽车技术协会) 是负责制定规则和流程的机构,我们将需要遵循这些规则和流程才能使我们的车辆合法化’s completed and their rules say that fuel lines must be retained every 300mm so I created points along both sides of the tunnel to be able to clip the 硬 lines to so I could meet the safety requirements.


That part all went reasonably well, 但 the next part was a little more difficult as I couldn’t get easily get to the 硬 line with the pipe bender so I was having to try and remove the pipe to bend it and then putting it back, then marking, then removing it again, wash and repeat till I got it right.   Well, what I thought was right !



从上方可以看到,它看起来很棒……but……. what I failed to take note of was how high the 硬 fuel lines were.   Unfortunately once I put the fuel tank platform in place it hit the new 硬 fuel lines.    Rookie mistake !   So I moved the right side water pipe (as you look at it in the pictures) inwards, and moved the 硬 fuel line to the outside so it could get lower.   的 other 硬 fuel line I re-routed so it went underneath the water pipe and then came back up.




以便’s the whole fuel system done.   One of the 硬 lines isn’完美,因为我不得不对其进行更多的修改’d have liked, 但 when we strip the car down to paint the chassis we will re-make that pipe so for now it’s OK, ugly, 但 functional and it’让我们启动引擎,以便’现在所有重要的事情。




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